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Make the future bright with solar power.

Navkar Power Solutions is a leading player in the field of solar rooftop installation, providing innovative solutions to help our customers harness the power of the sun to meet their energy needs.

We Offer Special Solar Energy Solution

Solar Energy Greater Synergy

Solar Energy Greater Synergy

Our solar energy solutions are designed to provide greater synergy and help save on energy costs.
Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy

Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy

Our solar solutions are designed to provide clean and renewable energy that is safe for the environment.
Making Solar Simple

Making Solar Simple

You can generate clean, renewable energy that is affordable and reliable. Get your own personalized solar system today and start saving the earth while saving money.
Be Smart Today

Be Smart Today

Our solar modules are certified for top performance and durability, giving you the peace of mind of a stress-free installation.

power of the sun with Navkar Power Solution!

Navkar power solution is the perfect partner for your energy needs. Get access to reliable, affordable and efficient solar energy solutions right in the comfort of your home. With advanced technology and an experienced team, we guarantee a hassle-free installation and 24/7 customer support, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. Get ready to power up with Navkar power solution today!

Alternative Solar Energy Solution

These alternative solar energy solutions showcase the versatility and potential of solar power in meeting diverse energy needs while minimizing environmental impact.

Special Solar EV Charging Port

The Special Solar EV Charging Port is an innovative solution that combines solar power generation with electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.


Our aim is to connect with as many families as possible in promoting renewable energy adoption, building strong relationships & channelising their interest toward solar installations for the betterment of our community.
Together, let us spread our wings and soar towards a greener and brighter tomorrow.


To be the leading provider of solar energy solutions in our Gujarat, empowering individuals & businesses to embrace sustainable and clean energy sources for a brighter future.

Why Navkar Power Solutions

Navkar Power Solutions emphasizes the importance of personal relationships with customers and adopts a customer-centric approach.
By focusing on building strong relationships, aims to create a positive and personalized experience throughout the entire process of solar installation. They likely prioritize effective communication, actively listening to customers’ concerns, and providing them with detailed information about the benefits and feasibility of rooftop solar power systems.

Navkar Power Solutions recognizes that every customer has unique energy requirements, budgets, and constraints. Therefore, they likely conduct thorough assessments of the customers’ energy consumption patterns, available rooftop space, and financial considerations before designing and implementing a solar installation solution. This customer-centric approach ensures that the solar system is tailored to meet the specific energy needs of the customer, optimizing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Navkar Power Solutions demonstrates a commitment to providing customized, sustainable, and cost-effective solar power solutions.

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